History Timeline

  1. 2016

    Nov 26

    I began my WordPress journey as a hobby in my university years, wanting to try it out, so I created my first blog. Being knowledgeable in many programming languages, I never intended to take the easy way out by using themes or plugins.

  2. 2017

    Feb 26

    I was aware that many businesses in my area used WordPress and Concrete5. I decided to create a second blog in WP and Concrete5 to get a better understanding in case I want to switch from .NET

  3. Oct 12

    My first job was at a computer company, where I mostly worked with Yii2 Framework on a large ERP and e-commerce site alongside a senior developer and a marketing specialist.

  4. 2018

    Sep 28

    I started my third WordPress blog and my first custom plugin because I liked how quickly things could be done; it was also about this time that I started working with WooCommerce since the company wanted an alternative to the Yii2 Framework.

  5. 2019

    Aug 8

    Since I reproduced in WooCommerce the entire e-commerce site established in Yii2, I've gained extensive experience in WooCommerce and begun developing sophisticated plugins and themes for the platform.

  6. 2020

    Jan 17

    I began my second job as a software tester in .NET, writing Unit and Selenium tests for the company's two massive websites. I loved my job; NN testing was a lot of fun, I was able to adapt quickly and bring value to the team.

  7. Mar 20

    Since covid started, the company faced significant losses since it was mainly specialized in holiday parks in Europe. At this time the lockdown started and more and more businesses wanted to have an online appearance. Seeing the opportunity I created my professional portfolio and started my own company as a freelancer.

  8. Oct 28

    Having problems with my accountant and personal life, I had to take a break. Later I decided to start searching for a new job. As a result of my participation in numerous groups and platforms helping people, I was contacted by a company and hired for a WordPress position.

  9. 2021

    May 1

    After working with numerous clients and gaining a deeper understanding of the market, I made the decision to launch a new blog in order to give back to the community by sharing my knowledge, themes, and plugins.

  10. 2022

    Dec 18

    So there it is—the day I finally finished my new blog. There is only one thing left to do, which is to upload my works and in-depth tech articles. I will make an effort to do this as long as my time and health allow as frequently possible.


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Cleaning up your code.


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